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UPDATE 28th March  2017  :   

Thank you for visiting cddstamps.  We are going on vacation tomorrow, 29th March and will be away for 5 weeks.  Please don't let that stop you looking at our collection of GB and British Commonwealth stamps in the Online Store  but until we get back in early May we will not be taking any orders.

Enjoy your philately while we are away - we will be in the UK visiting England and Scotland and no doubt picking up some stamps along the way.

Just a reminder, you can see all the countries we stock  here     Have a look and find what you need to fill a few gaps in your collection and be ready to order when we get back. We will do a "We are back" promotion special. It will be to your advantage to be ready we think.  🙂


                    BSAC - SG 27  Used - Cat £19 - perf 12½ - issued 1895                     BSAC -  SG 28  Mint Hinged   Cat £32 - perf 12½ - issued 1895         Southern Rhodesia -  Mint very light trace of  hinge -     SG 3 - Cat £4.50  - issued 1924               Southern Rhodesia SG 77 - Mint very light trace of hinge -       Cat £7 - issued 1953

As you probably know, all our stock of over 25,000 stamps can be found on the Hipstamp portal and you can find our store on the home page as cddstamps   visit  here  to go directly to our store  

cddstamps appreciates there are many quality sellers around (the Hipstamp portal now has over 670 stores so we do have some competition).  

However, we believe we give an excellent selection of GB and British Commonwealth stamps, with excellent choice of quality, excellent service - we mail all orders within 24 hours of receipt (unless we are on holiday) and excellent packing with very sensible prices for the stamps and mailing - a flat rate mailing of USD $2 no matter how many items, or free postage for orders over USD $25 and free registered mail on large $ value orders.

So please, try us just once and see for yourself why we are proud of the fact we get so many repeat customers.

Best wishes, Michael     commemorative definitive decimal stamps