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UPDATE August 15th 2016 :   Welcome to  CDDSTAMPS  website   Just a few updates for readers and visitors. Over the past week we have listed another 400 Australia – mostly from the 1989 Sports issue with all the various perforation differences, blocks, pair, and margins with Koalas. Please enjoy looking at cddstamps Australia stock which has now over 2200 lots. Many copies of the stamps so you can chose the cancel you like.

Also, please note, even after recent good sales we now have  just shy of 18,000 items in the store – more being added daily to help you have a wider choice to fill a few gaps in your collection.

Sales of the recent  Montserrat lots from the 1970s through the 1980s have gone well but there are still plenty of nice lots left.  

When listing, and where possible we tagged new items with the topic, ie Royal Wedding, Flowers, Ships etc to help those of you who collect thematics. Below;  two examples of new Montserrat listings:

Below: SG 739A, surcharge spelling error “Edingburgh:


Above:  SG 739B Surcharge correct spelling “Edinburgh”

We are continuing to mail orders within 24 hours of receipt except for weekends when there is no mail pick up here. We have had some feedback that lots have not arrived very fast. We expect ten days I am told but please do not hesitate to write to us if you have any concerns. We tell you this so you won’t be concerned about mail coming from the Philippines. We are also mailing high value orders by registered mail at no extra cost to our customers.

In summary, we stock Edward VII, GV, GV1 and pre 1970 QEII issues from Australia, Barbados, British East Africa, Ceylon, Cyprus, Canada, Fiji, Hong Kong, KUT, Malta, Montserrat, New Zealand and the Rhodesia’s and more.  You will also find many perforation, watermark and other varieties.  All listed by SG number and where possible with the thematic description is included.

Our GB stock  includes  Edward VII through to modern QEII Commemoratives, Machins, Security Machins, and many watermark variations and we are adding to it as fast as we can.

cddstamps appreciates there are many quality sellers to chose from on Bidstart and other sites, but asks, please try us just once and see for yourself why we are proud of the fact we get so many repeat customers.

To see the British Commonwealth countries we stock please visit here  or,  click here to get the complete Store on Bidstart  and then just type a key word or SG number in the “Search Store For” field   We hope we have what you are looking for.

Best wishes     Michael

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