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UPDATE   JULY 18th 2017   Thank you for visiting cddstamps.   For this update we want to briefly tell you what we DO NOT offer in the online store. Just because others do doesn't mean we do.  Please enjoy visiting  online store and have confidence that we offer stamps with a clear and accurate description at a competitive prices. The image below is what we DO NOT offer and quite frankly, in our opinion, should not be offered for sale.  Torn, cut / short perfs and creased.
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 We have over 12,000 GB stamps, including over 2,000 Machins and Security Machins, and 18,000 British Commonwealth in the Store to help you fill a few gaps in your collection.

Just a reminder, you can see all the countries we stock  here   Many British Commonwealth countries. We hope you have time to look and find what you need to fill a few gaps in your collection  Enjoy your philately,    ............. Best wishes, Michael     commemorative definitive decimal stamps