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UPDATE   September 1st  2017     Thank you for visiting cddstamps.  August was a busy month for us. Lots of new listings in our online store including 436 lots for Basutoland / Lesotho, most pre 1960s, and 350 Great Britain Machins so plenty of choices to help you fill a few gaps in your collection during September.

All new listing now include both Scott and SG catalogue references, as well as an issue description in the title field so you can easily search by subject.  If looking for Machins you can also search by the face value of the stamp, eg 9p in the Keyword Search field will show you all 9p Machins we have in stock.

SG  X891, Scott MH73 SG X894Ea, Scott MH76 SG X899Ea, Scott MH80 SG X915, Scott MH111 SGX949, Scott MH94

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We now have over 15,000 GB stamps, including over 2,500 Machins and Security Machins, and 18,000 British Commonwealth in the Store to help you fill a few gaps in your collection. With over 700 sellers to choose from at Hipstamp alone, please visit cddstamps just once. We think you will become a regular customer.  We are very proud to say that 7 out of 10 orders are from repeat customers.

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