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About Me

I have been collecting stamps for over 40 years and a part-time dealer for over 17 years. I am a member of the Internet Philatelic Dealers Association (IPDA) and I abide by their rules and ethics.

About Me

 We are now permanently relocated (retired from the Corporate world that is) to Laoag in the northern Philippines and continue to provide excellent service to our customers.

We have a stamp blog where we write about stamps, and show stamps and try to give you some interesting thoughts and information about stamps and stamp collecting.

We also write a blog dedicated to aviation and aerophilately - have a look at

Our Monthly Newsletter is now published regularly.  If you want a copy just email just It is a one pager and we hope  you find the information provided useful.

We are still sending free stamps to new collectors. We have sent to well over 1600 people in 85 countries; that amounts to over 250,000 free stamps. Self promotion maybe, but we are pleased to be helping so many new, young and even old collectors.

Selling through the Hipstamp store helps pay the postage we incur sending the free stamps and, maybe it will help me with my GB GV Downey Head collection.

Michael is a member of the Great Britain Philatelic Society. He is now a Director of the Internet Philatelic Dealers Association (IPDA) Inc. and he was recently appointed as the General Secretary of the IPDA

cddstamps started selling in 2001 through our own website but when we found the Bidstart site ( now moved to Hipstamp) we moved all the stock there in December 2012.   We have over 25,000 listings, and growing weekly even after sales. We stock many sets but also  singles in the hope this makes it easier for you to complete gaps in your collection.

The Hipstamp online portal is a great site and so very easy to search for what you want, well especially in our store where everything is listed by SG number (and since 2016 we have also been listing with Scott numbers as well) and where possible with key words in the listing title.  Hopefully that makes it easier for you to find those stamps you need to complete a few gaps in your collection. Please visit the cddstamps Store at Hipstamp   we are cddstamps  just click here.

Michael Laoag, Philippines, Febuary,  2018